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The birth of Dimitrios

on September 6, 2012

Before I get into the birth of my second child, I need to add a little something to Persephone’s birth.  When my water spontaneously broke, the doctors thought I was 39 weeks.  You see, at my ultrasound, they had measured her legs and moved my due date accordingly.  Turns out, I make babies with long legs.  When she was born, they decided that they were wrong (and that I had been right all along) and that I was only 37 weeks along.  My OBGYN also made the decision right then that she would have me induced before 40 weeks with any other kids I had because they would be too big.  Needless to say, my 6 week follow up with her was the last time I ever saw her…

Flash forward to my “41 week” appointment with my new OB.  She understands that I’m really only 39 weeks, but decides to have me induced anyway because I’ve been having prodormal labor for 2 weeks, my baby is “big enough,” and she can sneak me in because my chart has me at 41 weeks.  I agree to it because I’m being sent to the most pro-natural birth hospital in the state.  I mean, on any given day, they have 4x more midwives on duty in L & D than OBs.  When I get there, the midwife on duty checks me and suggests I go for a walk.  An hour of walking (I didn’t feel any pain), and I was at 4cm.

This is when she lays it all out for me.  “On your chart, it says you were sent here for an induction.  You’re obviously laboring just fine on your own, but I have to do something since we’re supposed to be inducing you.  I don’t want to give you pitocin, so will you let me break your water?”  Uh, okay.  “You’re going to feel some serious labor pains after this, but it probably won’t last long.”  Okay…

15 minutes later…


Yeah, going from zero to full blown labor is bone jarring to say the least.  After an hour of that, I only had the cognitive ability to press the nurse call button and scream, “Epidural!” when she answered.  I didn’t know it then, but my midwife created as many road blocks as possible to me getting an epidural because she had faith in me doing it on my own.  After all, I had come in saying I wanted a natural birth and she had already been in my corner for that.  She saunters in and decides to have a conversation with me instead of drugging me.

“So, you want an epidural?”  Yes.  “Well, you haven’t had enough fluids yet.” Wait, what?  “We need to get you an IV first, then you’ll have to wait for a full bag of water first.”  Am I being punked?  No?  Okay, do whatever.

45 minutes later, the midwife comes in with the anesthesiologist.  She asks me if I still want an epidural.  I’m pretty sure I just whimpered and nodded.  “Let me check you first.  You might not need it.”  Kill me!  “Oh, you’re about 9cm.  You really don’t need it.”  DRUG ME!  “um, okay.”  I sat up and instantly felt the urge to push.  When I said that, the midwife kinda shrugged.  20 minutes of the anesthesiologist poking at my back, and my midwife told me to lay back down so she could check me again.

“Well, his head is right here and you can push if you want.”  Wait, am I supposed to be able to feel all that?  Because I can.  “Well, I told you that you didn’t need an epidural.  Would you like a mirror so you can watch your baby come out?”  What!?!?!  No!!!  “Really?  Oh, well.  Go ahead and push when you’re ready.”  Okay…

Around the second push, I looked down and there was a mirror.   ARRGHHHHHH!!!!!  I don’t want to do this.  I want to go home.  With a baby crowning, I actually tried to get out of the bed because I just wanted to go home.  Apparently, this is a normal reaction but in 5 births its the only time I ever felt that way.  My body felt completely alien and foreign.  Completely beyond my control.  And I was scared.  Terrified.  Seeing that head coming out of me had pushed me over the edge.

“SHAINA!”  What?  “PUSH!”  Okay.  And out came my Dimitrios.  After 2 1/2 hours of labor, a false epidural, and 15 minutes of pushing, I had given birth to a child more than a pound bigger than my first.

The next day, my midwife came to my room and apologized for yelling at me.  “I just knew that you could do it but were losing focus.”  She was the first medical professional to ever say to me that I was made to birth and that I’d be fine if I just did what my body wanted.  That was a pretty huge moment for me.  From then on, I would trust my body before a stranger.

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