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I Love My Kids

on October 20, 2012

When you talk about your day, what do you talk about? Work? Friends you’ve seen lately? Movies? I talk about my kids. I’m sure it makes me sound like an intensely boring person, but I made some humans and now they’re learning stuff. I think its cool! Plus, these are my co workers.

I also really miss my kids when they’re gone. I’m not insane and I do like a small break from them on occasion, but I’m sad whenever any of them are away from me.

When Persephone and Dimitrios started at preschool 2 years ago, I told a friend that I missed them. “Oh, you’ll get over that,” she said. I didn’t. Lucius and I would come home and stare ay each other, waiting for the time when we’d pick them up. I missed them everyday and sometimes kept them home just to hang out with them.

I sent Persephone to conventional kindergarten last year. A parent asked me if I liked the break of losing one kid for a few hours. “No, I miss her. I really wanted to homeschool her.” The woman looked at me like I had 3 heads.

P and D are now completely homeschooled while Lucius recently started going to the same preschool P and D went to. I feel guilty that he goes to school, but he needs it before kindergarten (which I will homeschool).

My kids miss each other, too. There are always tears from the other 4 when 1 leaves for “Nani Special Time.” Dimitrios calls Lucius his “little buddy.” They have friends outside of our family (Jackson and Cassidy being their favorites), but they’re closest to each other. That’s the way I think it should be.


That’s the 3 youngest right now, curled up in my bed. Persephone is at my mom’s and the first thing out of Lucius’s mouth was, “Sephie’s not home yet.”

I love them.

2 responses to “I Love My Kids

  1. godmadeknown says:

    Shocking, I know, actually wanting to spend time with your own kids!

  2. Jackson got a shout out. Cool!
    I have to admit, I don’t understand it, but I do think it’s neat that you want to be with your kids so much. It makes me feel kind of guilty for counting down the days ’til Cassie can start pre-school. At least there will be a Campbell there for her to play with.

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