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Normal Shopping

on November 24, 2012

We ventured out as a complete family unit to shop today. The usually chaos ensued, but there were a lot more witnesses. Children pointed and shouted things like, “Look how many there are” and “There’s a baby on that lady!” But while everyone else was out deal hunting, my clan was simply restocking our regular supplies.

People always ask how we can afford to feed a family this size. The secret is bulk and no extras. My husband would cook everything from scratch if I let him and I bake from scratch. It’s fun but also drastically cheaper for a family this big.

We do 1 big shopping trip per month and that’s when my pantry and deep freezer are happiest. Today was that day and, oh, what a sight we were. Pushing 2 shopping carts with 7 people surrounding them seems to short circuit people’s brains. They just stare…or ask us if we’ve ever heard of Sam’s Club.


That’s about 80% of my pantry. Add in a full size deep freezer and a fully stock ‘fridge and you have enough to feed 7 people for a month on exactly $505. And, yes, that includes fun stuff like cookies and pizza (from scratch).


One response to “Normal Shopping

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