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I hate cleaning

on November 28, 2012

I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 (don’t judge me!) last week with a good friend and a former co-preschool mom. The other mom was teasing me about doing to much (sewing, baking, homeschooling, etc) and I answered with my usual, “My house always looks like a natural disaster happened in it.” My friend agreed that it does and we continued with our jokes.

Her agreement stuck in my head. What did that mean? Is my house really that bad? Am I failing as a housewife? I was up for hours mulling these questions over. When the kids got up the next morning, I started mapping out what needed to be cleaned.

Monday morning, I started moving my house 2 inches to the left. I
baked, shipped orders, and homeschooled. I scrubbed walls and baseboards. I vacuumed and dusted. I moved furniture.

It’s now Wednesday afternoon. In my quest to clean, I’ve washed and dried 17 loads of laundry, rearranged my whole front room (moving a couch, a corner office desk, craft dressers, chairs, and a changing table), dragged a mini bookcase around, and shifted my 200 pound dining room table. Oh, and we put up winter window decorations.


You know what? I bet no one will even notice…


One response to “I hate cleaning

  1. Ack! I made you clean. I didn’t mean to. Didn’t I also say that my house also looked like a natural disaster hit it, and I only have 2 kids, don’t sew, and don’t homeschool?

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