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My Sister, Lyra

on January 21, 2013

Anyone who talks to me for more than 20 minutes knows that I have a sister.  She’s a common topic for me because I really really like her a lot.  Since I got to spend a day hanging out with her and remembering all the things I love about her, you get to read a blog about her.

My sister is amazing.  Growing up, I always admired her.  She’s gorgeous, for one.  Natural blond thick hair with a natural flick at the ends.  Eyes so blue they look like the water around Greece.  A smile that brightens every room and a laugh that is truly infectious.  Yeah, that’s my sister.  I used to call her Barbie with a better personality.  On top of the looks, she’s a really good person.  She donates her time to an amazing charity that helps kids with serious skin conditions.  And she has always made her little sister feel special.

I have brothers, too, though most people don’t know that.  Even those who do know often forget.  My brothers aren’t a part of my life.  Kumani, the brother I was closest to as a child, hasn’t spoken to me in 15 years or seen me in 17.  He has 2 sons and I’ve never met them. I only found out about the 2nd son because his girlfriend at the time was registered on Babies R Us.  I was pregnant with my 2nd son at the time and had a registry on the same website.  My maiden name was linked to it and when I searched for it, there was my brother’s name with a boy due the same month as me.

That type of distance will never happen with my sister.  She’s always been there for me.  Even more impressive, she’s never made me feel like I was the little sister tagging along.  There’s 11 years between us, but she always invited me to hang out with her.  We went to Hawaii together when I was 14.  Just me and her.  It was awesome!  The best part was that I was her buddy, not just her sister.  When I got older, we would go on snowboarding trips and random road trips.  Without a doubt, she was always my best friend.

When I was pregnant with Persephone, I was terrified that things would change with Lyra and I.  I mean, how was I going to run off and play with my sister when I had a baby to take care of?  (I admit, my husband wasn’t a concern.  I still would have gone off for weekends with my sister.  Sorry, Ant!)  Instead, my sister became the best aunt I’ve ever seen.  The more babies I had, the more involved she was.  Lyra was there for 4 of my births and only missed the 5th because everyone did (hell, I almost missed it!).  She calls my kids her little monkeys and makes them individual monkey quilts.  

I don’t remember my mom ever saying to Lyra, “And take your sister with you.”  I always remember my sister asking if I could come and I love her for that (and many other things).  I know have a gaggle of children, but she still hangs out with me.  She’s even brave enough to go out in public with me and all these kids.  She organizes the local Tour de Cure and caters the children’s section to my kids.  

When Calandra was born, I was really excited that she was fair like my sister.  Looking at the two of them together, you’d swear that Callie is Lyra’s daughter.  The rest of my kids are brunettes.  I’m taller than my big sister, so she bought me a lot of really cool sister stuff with a tall brunette and a short blonde.  Those same things are now being passed on to my girls.  Whenever I see them snuggling, I’m instantly transported back to all the times I cuddled with my sister.  My biggest hope is that Persephone will be as good of a big sister as Lyra has been.  And that she will have inside jokes with her sisters the way Lyra and I do…BOOGER CARDS!!!

And now, just for my sister, Spiderman!


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