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Girls’ Night Out vs Mommy’s Night In

I was looking through posts in my birth month club for my youngest child on Baby Center the other day and I came across someone asking how many “Girls’ Nights” the moms were going on per month now that the baby’s are “older.”  A huge percentage of the moms said they went out with their friends 3-4 times per month without their children or spouses.

I found myself staring blankly at the screen while Persephone asked me if I was okay.

3-4 times per month?  That’s every weekend!

Mind you, I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting a break from direct parenting.  It’s a time to refresh so you can be a better parent.  I just can’t imagine doing that every weekend.  And the “older” baby this ladies are talking about is 10 months old.

I had a girls’ night out once…I saw Breaking Dawn part 2.  You remember…I posted about it.  That time where I ended up so overcome with guilt that I cleaned my entire house?  Yeah, I’m not very good at relaxing…

I also really like my kids.  I’m not saying that moms who routinely take a break don’t like their kids, but I miss them when they aren’t with me.  I went grocery shopping alone last week for 1 hour while my husband watched the kids.  It was the most lonely shopping trip of my life.  I ended up talking to everyone who had kids and helping an old lady bag her groceries just to have something to do.

My kids have night’s out.  Persephone, Dimitrios, and Lucius all have routine “Nani Special Time” with my mother.  It’s their one-on-one time with her and they enjoy it.  Calandra is going to start doing it soon, but she’s a handful and I don’t want to overwhelm my mom.  Plus, she’s still little.  Yes, I consider 2 1/2 little, especially since she is currently curled up against my side, sleeping.  And Theron certainly won’t be doing that any time soon.  She’s an infant.

But I stay home with everyone.  My girls’ nights are “in” instead of “out” and include boys (my husband, my sons, and my dog).  Good for those moms who go out.  I’m just not one of them.  Besides, every time someone watches all of my kids I end up with another one…  🙂