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The Campbells: An Urban Legend

According to Wikipedia, “An urban legendurban mythurban tale, or contemporary legend, is a form of modern folklore consisting of stories that may or may not have been believed by their tellers to be true.”  Most of the time, these stories happened to a “friend of a friend.”  I’ve heard many in my life and was even in the target audience age range when the movie came out.  🙂

I have now become an urban legend.

Well, not just me.  My whole family has become an urban legend.

That sounds really self centered of me to say, doesn’t it.  Just give me a minute to explain before you decide that I’m crazy.

I was in Target the other day.  It was late in the evening and all 5 of my kids were at home with Ant (the husband) and Aaron (the houseguest).  I actually know about 80% of the staff at my local Target and they can recognize our family.  Anyway, I was chatting with the woman in front of me about her kids.  She asked me if I had any.  I giggled and said yes.  The cashier (who didn’t recognize me without my flock) told the woman in front of me, “We have a young lady who comes in here all the time with her kids.  She can’t be more than 25, but she’s got, like, 5 kids!  They’re all super well behaved.  I always remember them because I talked to their mom and her middle name is the same as my first name.”  I was taken aback and couldn’t help laughing out loud.  They cashier and the woman both looked at me.  

You see, I recognized the cashier.  Her name is Jamila.  That’s my middle name.  She was talking about me.  I was her urban legend.

After my laughing fit passed, I told her that she was talking about me.  “Are you sure?” she asked me.  “Yes, I’m the one with the same middle name as your first name and I have 5 kids.  But, thank you for thinking I’m under 25.  I just turned 29.”

Now, think about those urban legend stories you hear.  You know, the ones about the women who don’t know they’re in labor and give birth on the side of the road.  Or the one about that lady who has been breastfeeding for 5 years.  How about the one about the city dweller who grows their own food?  Or the family that homeschools a large number of children?

See where I’m going?

My family is a local urban legend.  🙂

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some insane things to accomplish so that my neighbors can add to my legendary status…

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Remember me?

I haven’t written in awhile because things have been super busy and extra crazy.  But now that I’m a little sick, I’m forcing myself to sit down on my couch while my kids play.  Suddenly, I have free time and an open lap for my lap top.  🙂

First off, a little review of why I’ve been so busy.  As some of you guys know, I have a small business called MommySoup.  Because I’m a “Hope for the best/Prepare for the worst” kind of person, I don’t cut out and make all of the things that I sell in the store.  That way, if a product doesn’t sell, I haven’t cut out all that fabric.  I can use it for the many clothes my children always seem to need.  Well, my store has gotten really popular.  Things are selling out!  I’m basically making the products to order with a 1-3 day window for delivery.  Not a problem if I sell 1 diaper a day…but for the last month, I’ve been averaging about 5 diaper orders a day.  And wet bags.  And bibs.  I’ve literally been sewing all night.  Like, put the kids to bed, snuggle the husband…and get up and sew after he has fallen asleep.  Not much time for blogging with that level of madness.  On top of that, Persephone just cracked compound addition (with carrying).  She wants to do it constantly.  And Dimitrios just cracked reading, so now he wants to read everything.  Really exciting, but I’m a homeschooler so I’m the only one for them to do it with!  And then I’ve been cooking everything from scratch, so that’s time consuming.

Oh, and I now have a housemate.  One of my husband’s best friends came out here from Virginia.  He’s now living with us and working with my husband.  Think about that…8 people in a 3 bedroom house.  Crazy!  Luckily, he’s actually really cool.  He likes the kids and doesn’t expect me to take care of him.  The men turned the garage into a “man cave” with a bed and stuff for him.  He hides in there when we overwhelm him.

Pretty good excuses not to blog, right?

In other news…Theron is going to turn 1 this month.  I don’t do birthday parties, but I still make special cakes.  Persephone wants to help me make a moose shaped cake and I need to make her a new moose diaper.

Calandra, who also answers to “Monkey,” is currently climbing a tree and teaching her older siblings how to do it.  Better get back to baby wrangling!

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