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Life in Motion

on July 29, 2014

Yet another month between blog posts.  I swear, I’m going to get better at making the time to do these.  My goal is to get at least 1 new post per week and maybe work up to more, but we’ll see.  Quick update to my last post: I did finally tweeze my eyebrows.  🙂

I’ve come to the conclusion that I should stop trying to get rid of the “extras” in my house.  Back in September and October of last year, I got on this quick of watching episodes of Hoarders.  It inspired me to start clearing out stuff in my home.  I got boxes out and started dividing up what we really needed and what we didn’t.  It felt great…until my husband came home early from work and told me he had been laid off.  Suddenly, all those boxes labeled “keep” had to be relabeled “move” as we struggled to figure out what we were doing and where we were going.

Fast forward to March of this year.  I’m starting to feel secure in where we are (though not with the community yet, but that’s a whole different post) and comfortable enough to start going through the boxes I didn’t have time to go through in our hast to move.  So returns the episodes of Hoarders.  And then, on a super snowy day, my husband comes home from work early.  I assume it’s because of the incoming blizzard, but it’s not.  He’s been laid off.  Again.  I start to panic and worry that we’ll have to move again.  Luckily, his unemployment is based on what he made in California and not what he was making here in Virginia.  I relax a little.  Going through our stuff takes a backseat, though, to me trying to expand my business to keep us afloat until he finds a new job.

Last month, I started to feel a little better about what’s going on.  My husband still hasn’t found a new job, but he’s trying.  My shop is doing well and I’m starting to get to know a few people around town.  I even find the time to post a blog!  So…I started watching Hoarders again.  This time, I throw in some documentaries on tiny living.  I don’t really need to live tiny, but it fascinates me (a future blog post about all that…) and offers great ideas about figuring out what you really need to keep when you have no storage.  I start going through our stuff again.  My husband even gets in on it, rearranging our kitchen and helping me guide the kids in what they can get rid of.  It becomes fun!

Then our landlady asks my husband how the job search is going.  You see, she wants us to buy this house.  We decided to rent it for a year to a) decide if we like it and the area and b) give us time to build up a year of residency and work experience in the state so we can qualify for a home loan.  We’ve been here for 8 months and my husband has now been unemployed for 4 months.  It’s now clear to her that we won’t be able to qualify for a home loan in the time frame we originally discussed.  I don’t want to buy this house anyway, but now she knows we can’t.  Plus, she some how thinks she’s going to get $100,000 more for this house than any other house selling in the area.  Anyway, she still wants to sell the house before the end of the year.  Actually, she wants to sell it as soon as possible.  So…we have to move.  Again.

We’ve been stretching out in our 3200 sq. ft. house and now it’s time to look for a new place.  Fast.  This time, I’m not going to panic and throw everything into boxes.  We’re still watching Hoarders.  I’m finding more documentaries on tiny houses.  And, as a family, we’re going through everything in this house and really deciding what we need and what we can do without.  I’m getting rid of all the clothes smaller than 2T (unless I made them or wore them as a child) because my dream of having more children will probably never happen now.  I’m forcing myself to get my genetic book hoarding under control.  I have 5 full size bookcases crammed with books, along with boxes of books that I haven’t unpacked.  We won’t have a moving company to do the work for us (since my husband no longer works for the moving company that moved us in our previous 6 moves), so having as little as possible will help.

And now, time to get back to work mothering, sewing, and paring down our stuff.


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