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Go Out and Play!

on September 20, 2014

Last Saturday was another rainy day here. Not really a surprise, as it has rained (however briefly) almost every day for the last month. This time was different, though. This time it was on a Saturday. The local mom Facebook group I’m in was full of people complaining about the weather and bemoaning their misfortune at being stuck inside with their children all day. Someone asked, “What are you guys doing today to keep your cooped up kids entertained?” There were lots of suggestions. Movie day. Family house cleaning. Indoor arts and crafts. I chimed in with, “We’re going puddle hunting!”

I always seem to be the weird one. Everyone else in that group is from here or has at least lived here for awhile. They know the weather. Rain wasn’t a surprise for them. Why were they all staying inside? It was 80 degrees and gorgeous. No lightening, so nothing to be afraid of. It was gorgeous and wet. Why not go out and play in it? I mean, they’re not going to melt and mud washes off.

Think back to when you were a kid.  Did your parents force you to stay inside on rainy days or did they send you out with a raincoat and boots?  For me, it was the later.  I love jumping in puddles and catching the rain in my mouth.  And now that I’ve written that, it sounds like what people do in the snow.  But I didn’t have snow.  I had rain, so I played in that.  Is that the difference?  Do people not play in the rain because it’s less fun than snow?


One response to “Go Out and Play!

  1. We love playing in the rain! I’ve never heard of “puddle hunting” but sounds like a fun, splishity, splashity time 🙂

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